First Publix Adventure

This week, I’m visiting my parents in the South, so I didn’t need to buy much. I also got to start my couponing adventure at Publix. Sadly, we don’t have these stores in the DC Metro area.

Between the Advantage Buys, stackable coupons and BOGO offers, I was able to save 50% on my first try. Not too bad!

Since I’m just getting on the six week schedule, I’m slowly getting everything on sale. Some additional items had to be purchased at full price.

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt
Regular Price: .50 each
Shelf coupon: .60 off of 6 yogurts
Competitors coupon: .75 off 6 yogurts
Final price: .28 each ($1.65)

Degree Pure Powder
Regular price: 3.99
Advantage Buy: .50 off
Manufacturer’s coupon: $2 off
Final price: $1.49

Dove deodorant
Regular price: 2.99
Advantage Buy: 2/$4
Manufacturer’s coupon: 2 for $1.50
Final price: $1.25 each

Sugar-free Pudding (3-pack)
Regular price: $4.99
Manufacturer’s coupon: $1 off
Final price: $3.99

Greeting Card
Regular price: $3.69
Hallmark coupon: .99 off
Final price: $2.70

Jiffy Lite Pop Corn
Regular price: $4.39
Advantage Buy: 3 for $3
Weight Watchers coupons: $2.75
Final price: .25

Vendor coupons: $9.60
Store coupons: $4.79
Advantage Buys: $6.65

Total purchase: $22.44



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3 responses to “First Publix Adventure

  1. Good Job! After you start to realize how much you can save buy using coupons it becomes addictive! Keep up the good work.

    Thanks for adding my link to your blog! I’ll add yours to my blog list.

  2. Thanks Holly! I’m just starting out, so I need lots of help! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

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