Single Saver Deals: 2/8/10

I’m not sure if the Blizzard has helped me save money or not. Last week, I was gearing up to hit numerous stores with coupons and weekly specials, when the storm hit. In order to get everything that I needed, I just went to Walmart. Oh well.

It looks like we’re getting more snow tomorrow, but I’m trying to plan out the specials this week. There are numerous items on sale that I need to stock up on such as razors and make-up.

Couponing as a single is interesting. Last week, I noticed numerous bloggers going crazy over B1G1 egg specials. I struggle to eat a dozen eggs in a month, so a B1G1 special would just cause me to waste food.

I’m also a little more picky when it comes to flavors or types. I’ve never been a name brand shopper, but I do have preferences. It’s frustrating to wait until a specific type of cereal goes on sale.

Then there are items that I can’t stock up on, such as yogurt and Clariten D. You can only buy so much yogurt before it goes bad. Since I struggle with severe asthma and allergies,¬† I need some type of allergy medication with a decongestant. Thanks to meth producers, you can only buy one package of Claritin D per week. Even when it’s on sale, I can’t buy more than 1. Are there any strategies for dealing with issues when laws limit how much you can buy?

Below are my shopping strategies for the week. However, they are contingent on the weather cooperating with my shopping.

Old Navy
$2 camis (via Coupon Craver). There was also a $5 off any purchase of $25 or more coupon in the paper. I love Old Navy camis! They actually make them without the shelf bra.


Venus Razors buy 2 at $6.99 get a $5 giftcard +
$2 off coupon in RedPlum
.75 replacement razor cartridges (Target couons

Yoplait Yogurt: .50 each
$1 of 10 coupon

Maybelline Makeup $5 ECB wyb $15
$2 lipcolor

Nivea Lip Products
B1G1 Nivea Lip
$1/Nivea product

L’egg Pantyhose
Buy one, get one 50%

B1G1 vitamins

.75 coupon from Walgreens booklet


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