Getting into the Swing of Savings

Just when I think I’m starting to save money, I realized that I’ve invested it in salt, snow shovels and some home maintenance supplies for this week.

This past week, I set up a strict budget for myself. I’m trying to spend no more than $100 a month on groceries and personal care items. This will fluctuate a bit when I need to buy monthly medicine supplies, but I’m hoping to use a FSA for those expenses.

Earlier, I aimed to stop by CVS to buy new makeup, but I decided to try out Aldi foundation and lip gloss after reading a favorable review in the Daily Mail. I’m pleasantly surprised. At $2.99, it’s hard to beat. I also really like the lip gloss. The package calls it brown, but it’s more like a dark maroon. I also decided to splurge on extra skin care and purchased the night cream and exfoliating mask.

I’ve never used a night cream before, so I can’t compare to more expensive brands. However, it’s been ranked highly and smells really nice. I did like the exfoliating mask. I’ve probably tried every brand of exfoliating masks on the market. At only $2.99, it did it’s job. My skin was definitely scrubbed and now looks clearer.

With the exception of a few items, most of my grocery shopping can be accomplished at Aldi, and I was able to stay around budget of $25 per week.

I also decided to tempt my discipline and do a little shopping at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. I’ve budgeted $100 per month for clothes and spending, which is incredibly tight. Thus far, I’ve succeeded. I found a buggy full of clearance clothes at Marshall’s but talked myself out of everything but one. I found a Michael Kors sweater jacket for $15. Kors is my favorite label, and you don’t them on clearance very often! Plus, this sweater can be dressed up for work or down for jeans.

Since I’m just getting used to my new job and anticipating expenses for transportation, my budget needs a little adjustment. However, I’m trying to stay with it. I’m approaching it as a challenge rather than limits. I know that if I didn’t budget money for shopping or fun, I’d go crazy and blow it. In the long run, I know that I’ll be happy that I learned fiscal discipline once my credit cards are paid off, and I’ve saved up enough for a newer car.


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